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If there is an underrated category of silver jewelry, then silver anklets would surely acquire the highest rank. The majority of people look into earrings, necklaces, and rings as the most popular ones. But trust me, ladies sterling silver anklets in the most exquisite designs can steal any fashion game and turn the table for you.

Anklet or also known as an ankle bracelet is worn around the ankle. There has been a huge evolution of designs in anklets over the years. The traditional heavy-weight anklets or Payals are famous in India since time immemorial and have been a part of every Indian household. However, these days along with these heavy designs, people also prefer simple and stylish designs.

Significance of Anklets

Anklets are a part of Indian history since time immemorial. This piece of jewelry has literally stood the test of time and in many cultures has remained an inevitable part. From marriages to baby showers in India, anklets not only have added beauty but it was considered to be the symbol of good luck and health. Many Indian functions are considered to be incomplete without the girl wearing anklets. Moreover, anklets are the symbol of marital status.

These days there have been many changes in the designs of silver anklets. Many people prefer dainty-looking sterling silver anklets over heavy ones. There are exclusive beach anklets that make your beach holiday a memorable one. Women’s silver anklets can be worn on both the foot and even on any of the feet. The best way to shower love on your feet is to decorate them with lovely sterling silver anklets.

Why you should wear Sterling Silver Anklets

I can give you ten thousand reasons for wearing sterling silver anklets that can give your feet the most beautiful look. The internet is flooded with the latest silver anklets for women of all ages. Let me highlight all the reasons for wearing sterling silver anklets.

Highlight your feet: Those beautiful feet of yours is there to flaunt and you should make all the effort to make them feel special. And a better way other than to wear beautiful sterling silver anklets. The most subtle and delicate way to grab the attention of your feet is by adorning them with silver anklets. Not many people know about this a sleek silver anklet would always make your feet look slim.

Complement your look: It’s a myth that only necklaces and earrings can complement your look. Not many have the idea that ladies sterling silver anklets can complement your look in the most unusual way. It can spice up your entire look by combining a simple outfit with a stunning silver anklet.

Silver is Hypoallergenic: For those who have a metal allergy silver is a boon to them. The rising popularity of wearing silver is its hypoallergenic nature that doesn't irritate the skin of those who have metal allergies. Since sterling silver is a combination of silver and copper, it is totally safe to use on a regular basis.

Health benefits: Apart from being hypoallergenic, silver anklets also have many health benefits. Silver anklets also improve blood circulation and help in reducing leg pain. It also regulates the inflammation of the legs and controls the temperature of the body. Due to its antibacterial property, it helps in controlling eczema and acne. The sound of silver anklets also activates the lymph glands that help in controlling the immunity and resistance of the body.

Therapeutic: Silver anklets also improve mental health by boosting your mental energy as wearing them eventually releases the positive ions of the body. Walking barefoot while wearing silver anklets also helps in maintaining the positivity of the mind.

Symbol of Good Luck & Charm: Wearing silver anklets is a symbol of good luck and charm and because of this they are an integral part of Indian weddings and baby shower since it reduces inflammation of feet. Silver anklets are also preferred by astrologers as they make the energy strong by wearing them together with precious gemstones.

How to wear Sterling Silver Anklets

There are endless ways in which you can style sterling silver anklets. If you are a jewellery lover, trust me you will never ignore the aura of silver anklets. You will always own more than one silver anklet. Fira sterling silver anklets have the most beautiful designs you would find in many ways you can ever imagine. Silver anklets are completely versatile and would blend with any look.

  • If you prefer a western look, silver anklets would complement your look in the most beautiful way.
  • Make your beach vacation the most memorable one by adorning silver anklets with any beach outfit. You would look truly the queen of the beach.
  • If you prefer ethnic outfits or a saree, pair your silver anklets with stilettos so that it would accentuate your feet.
  • Wear a clean sandal with a pair of shorts or a mini skirt and adorn your feet with classic silver anklets. I can bet with my eyes closed your style will make people die for it.
  • You should position the charm of your anklet just over the tip of the ankle so that it is highlighted in the post and flaunts your beautiful feet.
  • It is advised not to wear silver anklets with tights and leggings and woolen fabric as it would stick with the fine fabric and would eventually break or bend with pressure.
  • Silver anklets are adaptable and hence go with any color of outfit you wear.

Fira – Sterling Silver Anklets

When it comes to buying the best quality sterling silver anklets, Fira anklets should be ahead of your list. The quality and the looks of the anklets do the main action with much bragging. Fira is one such brand that is made exclusively in India and by purchasing Fira products you are supporting evolving entrepreneurs of India. You are also contributing to the ‘Make in India’ campaign and the best way to be ‘vocal for local’.

All the silver anklets from Fira are made with pure sterling silver with rhodium polish and top-graded AAA+ cubic zirconia diamonds. Every silver anklet from Fira is engraved with a BIS hallmark logo and with every purchase you will get an authentic BIS Certificate (HM/C-7190179015). This way you are rest assured that your money is spent in the right place.

Make your Women feel Special

Make the women in your life feel special by gifting them with a beautiful silver anklet. Silver anklets available in Fira are the perfect gift option for women of any age with any skin complexion. So make your wife, mother, sister, daughter, or girlfriend feel special by gifting the most beautiful silver anklets from the house of Fira.

You can gift your women Fira silver anklets on any occasion from their wedding, birthday, or anniversary or for any casual occasion.


Can Fira anklets be used on a regular basis?

Yes, Fira anklets can be used on a regular basis. They are made with pure sterling silver that would last you a lifetime and is very durable and strong. Since they come with rhodium polish the shine remains and doesn't tarnish very easily.

Will you get a Hallmark certificate with Fira anklets?

Yes, you will get an authentic BIS hallmark certificate with every purchase of Fira products. Moreover, every anklet has a BIS hallmark engraved in it.

Will I get a box with Fira silver anklets?

With every purchase of Fira anklets, you will get a box with the Fira logo embossed on it. It is advised to store the anklets in this box when not in use away from sunlight in a cool place.

Do Fira anklets come with charms on them?

The specialty of Fira anklets is beautiful and uniquely designed charms that are attached to the chain which gives the anklet a complete look. There are rose, elephant, star, heart, arrows, etc charms that make them the most unique brand in India.

Can Fira anklets be used for gifting purposes?

Absolutely, Fira anklets can be used as gifts and can be a perfect gift option for any occasion. It can be gifted to women of different ages with different tastes.

So it's high time to accentuate your feet with the most alluring sterling silver anklets from the house of Fira and fly high!!!

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